'The River carries me'
'Atmospheric Waters'
'Moments At Dusk'
'Sunlit Waters'
'Still Waters'
'Fragmented River bank 2'
'At the River bank'
'Incessant Skies'
'Gazing across the Water'
'Sitting at the Riverbank'
'Watching the Water'
'Abstracted Riverbank'
'By the Water'
'Somebody's Somewhere'
'Standing Still' (Newbourne Suffolk Triptych
'A glimpse of the Orwell'
'3 Green Trees'
'1 Blue Tree'
'Yellow Fields in Suffolk'
'Large Yellow fields'
'Riverbanks at Waldringfield'
'A Soft Breeze'
'Reflecting Tree'
'Dawning Day'
'Flowing Away'
'Whispering Trees'
'Come and Gone 3'
'Come and Gone 2'
'Suffolk Skies'
'Twilight hues'
'Dappled Sunlight'
'Sacred Place'
'The coming day'
'Deconstruct & Reconstruct no: 2'
'Deconstruct & Reconstruct no: 3'
'Deconstruct & Reconstruct no: 4'
'Deconstruct & Reconstruct no: 5'
'Nacton Shores'
'Old Hunstanton'
'The passage on the heath'
'Silent Landscape'
'In the distance'
'Captured by the light'
'Layered Landscapes'
'Neon Sky'
'Coloured Landscape'
'Heath land'
'Green field on orange'
'A wet and windy day'
'Shingle Street'
'Cloud shade'
'Landscape in shadow'
'Landscape Mitchell'
'Blue Waters'
'Symphony of Nature 4'
'Symphony of Nature 3'
'In the distance'
'Bourne End'
'A moment at Playford'
'Fields Of Green'
'The Lakes'
'Landscape of Suffolk'
'Abstract landscape 2'