Studio time for ...Me

Spring time and time to get working in the studio

my studio...

Now that my solo exhibition is done - it is time to focus on the two further collaborative exhibitions I have coming up this year in October and December........

my pin board of inspiration

My studio is one of my happy places, a kind of sacred space where I can create over and over again with no judgements or distractions (apart from when my kids are on the trampoline just outside). It's a moment when I remember why I started and why I love painting and being creative.

A huge inspiration for me at the moment is Joan Mitchell - and here is an image of her studio, serious studio space envy (but I don't think my husband will allow me to expand my space into his beloved shed)

Joan Mitchell in her studio
beginnings of new large canvas

So the process begins. This current work in progress in particular is taken from the drawings and sketches I created on my Easter break whilst on the Norfolk broads. The light and dark shadows that played across the water and into the woodlands was something I captured in photos whilst out on a little boat.

Using my sketchbook as reference of shape and form and tones I begin with the movement of the line......

Norfolk broad images and views

The work then develops in layers of blocks and colours....

Close up details from current work in progress

close up

and so the process will carry on .. when I can find some time away from the crazy life of work and family - all of which I love - but enjoy those moments just for .....Me

not quite there yet .....