Love the area you live in , get out and always amazes me what is right on my doorstep. I am currently unable to do much painting due to moving house and therefore my studio is packed down and out of action.....but I can get out, look, see, be inspired and draw...

Here is what inspired

These little sketches were done from the image above it. I look to capture the main shapes and forms. These particular images are smaller than A5, but can give me enough to potentially develop future paintings. If not the whole landscape in the sketch maybe just an abstracted set of forms and lines.

My drawings are done with sharpie pens in the main and fine liner pens. The colour sketch mixes a variety of materials from neon felt tips, biro through to 6b pencils.


Here is a close up detail of the sketch in colour, showing the different marks and materials i used.

I love this shot from today as i really love the juxtaposition of manmade forms, graffiti and natural forms. The shapes, structures and forms for me actually really work.....

So i quickly sketched it.....

Walking my Missy (my dally) just gets me out and about to some wonderful places. This was along the River at Sproughton. It was peaceful and just give me some ME ...time and inpsired ............Me