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Moments & Me

Moments & Me exhibition 2022

Let's have a conversation......

here are some of the conversations captured from the exhibition, it was a real highlight of the exhibit.

To sit, look and talk about just one moment

My Mum & Liz

M - 'I just love the seaside don't you? Makes me smile always!'

L - 'The Visitor draws my eye immediately and makes me question what a visitors impression is of what they see as opposed to someone local'

M - 'I feel a sense of warmth and a sense of vibrancy from the pinks, oranges set against the cool blues. Lou has captured the mood, one proud mum!'

L - 'Yes I agree, the colour palette is fantastic. St Ives harbour makes me feel I can see the sights and sounds, the tranquil water and the warmth of the sun'

Matt & Sean

'Sean, I love the relationship of colours in these works, quite different to one we brought from Lou, with the vibrant yellows.'

Ben & Me

B - 'Art makes me feel connected to a space and time. The colour and composition of these are all satisfying and bring a sense of being nourished'

L - 'Yes, I really remember this moment and the holiday. The fact I dragged you all around the Tate at St Ives, but we loved it'

The Dads

C - 'Now looking at the paintings I realise that these are the St Ives harbour. At first the upside down visitor did puzzle me but now realise it is an upturned boat. The sky blue and orange tones are so vibrant'

G - 'Never been to St Ives but do love the coast line. To be honest I struggle to understand my Lou's work sometimes. I look at these and feel so immensely proud. It seems not so long ago we took her to Manchester to begin her degree. Hope, pride, apprehension but look at her now. Fulfilling her dreams'

Neil & Me

N - ' Because of the shapes and the way they have been composed there appears to me to very much be a Terry Frost influence, am I right?'

L - ' Yes, we were definitely all in St Ives that day and we were heading to the actual Tate St Ives itself. There is no doubt that group of artists have been and will always be a real inspiration for me. Now you have mentioned the stripe and the Terry Frost connection I can really see it.'

N - 'And also early Patrick Heron strip paintings'

L - 'Oh now yes he is truly one of my favourites'

N - 'He is God! In fact you do know we have a Patrick Heron Print'

L - 'Ok Neil, no-one likes a show'

Amber & Me

Me - 'What do you think then?'

A - ' Love it. It's all in the colour and marks, it is what makes us feel connected'

Lynne & Me

L - ' Wonderful to be able to come to my first exhibition of your work Louise, Loved our conversation about it; fascinated by the concept of the work and the sense of space and colour. Captivated by your passion for and art and creativity.'

Craigie's and Haylock's

'We made a passing visit and it all looks wonderfully good. We do now understand after our conversation the St Ives collection of work and it's counterpart Feels Familiar'

Neil & Heather

N - ' Beautiful, brave and challenging work Louise. Thank you for the invitation and keep pushing those boundaries'

H - ' Wonderful show Louise, love love the new direction!'

Vicary Antiques & Me

' I love the work and I love Suffolk, but I was firstly drawn in by your beautiful Gingham dress!'

Ciara & Me

'Lovely clear, uncluttered walls. Brave and allows you to focus on just one moment'

Fran Squires & Me

Me - 'I can't believe you have travelled to come and see me, and that we finally meet'

F - 'what a great girl you are Louise. Loved our conversation. So nice to see the work which I have followed on Instagram. Colours are incredible and the bold marks. Inspirational in so many ways, thanks for sharing!'

Naomi Munuo & Me

N - 'A strong bold move Louise. Loved seeing your delish paintings with some space around them, was great to connect too and have a chat about the work. Congratulations.'

Christine, Eleanor, Martha & Me

E - ' Lovely pictures'

M - 'I really love the sketches. I really like the rocking chair one'

C - 'The colours are so vibrant. I love the blue it reminds me of the YSL blue and the colours I saw in Morocco gardens'

Mandy, Lyn Peters & Me

L - ' Absolutely stunning, just love the colours'

M - ' Fabulous concept - love the simple idea, well done my lovely'

Sarah Cotton & Me

S - 'Lovely to see you! What a beautiful show'

Rebecca & Me

R - ' Fine init'

Me - ' Yes girl.... and I couldn't have done it without you, big thanks'

Thanks for all the conversations....


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