What is up and coming for ...Me

So some exciting opportunities to showcase my work is coming up soon that I thought I would share.....

Firstly I will be exhibiting at a stall alongside many other artists at the Art Eat Festival. This is vibrant urban festival celebrating street food, visual arts, music and the community along the Ipswich Waterfront. This will be taking place on September the 21st and 22nd. The festival will be open to the public from 11-7.30pm on Saturday and 12-7.30 on Sunday. I will manning the stall at these times and love it if you could support the community, art eat festival and ...Me.

At this festival, due to space, I will be exhibiting some of my much smaller canvases and paper works that are framed. All of the work is currently on the website (www.louisecraigie.com) but here is a taster of what you might see

These two images show the diversity of my work smaller scale, from oil painted canvases to pops of neons with collage work and line drawing.

If you wish to follow you know more about the art Eat festival you can do so by any of the following links




madebyme_louisecraigie - is my art instagram account and I will be regularly sharing updates there.....

So take a look and know a bit more about .......Me